Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some key topics to address some questions which you may have, whether it is software related or not.





  • Muscle Tester - Can we save our tests in Kilograms?  (yes)




Does the FAST+ system provide testing for Cervical spine injuries?

Answer: YES!

Strength testing requires a maximum effort from the patient in order to document Peak Force Strength. Injuries to the Cervical spine are often times significant and very painful. Due to the delicate anatomical structures in the Cervical spine, strength testing is contraindicated and presents a high-level risk of exacerbating the injury.
However, the FAST+ system provides testing for 13 muscles that receive their innervation from the cervical spine. These test results may document a neurological component of the injury.



I am having technical difficulties with my Muscle Testing hardware, who do I call?

If you are having a hardware specific difficulties that are outside the realm of testing a patient or using the software then you may contact Lafayette Instrument Company.



Unit Conversions: I switched the Muscle Tester to use the Metric System (KG), but it still displays English units (LB) 

In the FAST+ software select, 'Options' from the toolbar at the top of the screen. On the left-hand side under, 'Measurement Defaults' make sure that the checkbox is unchecked for 'Auto convert wen device is improperly set.'

   If the box is checked, it will auto-convert your downloads to the selected unit.
   If the box is unchecked, it will not auto-convert your downloads to the selected unit.



Unit Conversion: I tried converting from Pounds to KG (vice versa) through the Options Window, but nothing changed in the Print Preview. How do I fix this?

Before viewing the conversion changes, you must first close out the Print Preview and the View History Windows, then the changes will be made. The Conversions will not show in the History Window items, but it will show on the Print Outs. This is because the History Window shows the Units it was saved in for efficiency.